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Inspiring Love Through Gift Giving

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Creating meaningful relationships through love.

The Our Moment Story

My husband and I have always shared the same love language: gift-giving.

For us, the most beautiful way of expressing our love for one another is through finding a gift that lights up a smile on the other’s face.

We love seeing that happy glow and warmth we feel in our hearts.

Surprise each other with a little bit of love each day.

It didn’t take long for us to start giving gifts outside of the normal moments.

The anniversaries, the holidays, the birthdays are a given.

Instead, we found that sometimes, the most precious gifts are random acknowledgments after a long day of work or other spontaneous moments.

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Show your love every single day.

One day, after years of enjoying this beautiful tradition, we decided to give each other the ultimate gift: wedding vows.

We wanted to give each other something that not only showed our love for each other but also showed our commitment.

Even after that special day, we never stopped surprising each other with little tokens of how much we truly cherish one another.

Create a new tradition.

After exchanging rings and vows, we decided to help share that passion for gift giving with other couples.

We opened Our Moment to share those same amazing emotions we love creating.

Surprise your loved one with gifts to cement your love today. 

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